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Michael’s coaching solutions focus on unlocking your potential and maximising your own performance to become the best you can be.

Michael takes into consideration the uniqueness of your existing skills, motivation and commitment to create radical shifts in your thinking and actions, with follow-up support for what you’ve learned.

You will experience a high level of personalised business coaching to help you create choices that are most effective for you and your team.

Michael’s business solutions together with his unique structure of continued support, reinforcement and complete customisation can provide the powerful results missing from traditional forms of self-improvement. His coaching process bridges the gap between knowledge and practical application using proven principles to  provide the long-term benefits you seek.


  • One-on-one sales coaching

  • Customised coaching

  • Sales team leaders’ coaching

  • Group coaching

  • Corporate sales coaching


  •  Setting & achieving goals

  • Attain a balanced life

  • Increase business profitability
  • Empower your employees

  • Improve communication skills

“Michael’s commitment to our intense coaching and strategic planning program has been amazing. The mentoring, guidance and creativity he has provided has been a corner stone of the foundations of our business”  – Jim Livingstone; MD, Xrcise Fuel

Business Programs

Take your business to the next level with solid strategies, high level professional guidance and a great deal of persistence.

The benefits of Michael’s business solutions are not limited to the comprehensive set of professionally developed set of strategies that clearly define what you intend to do and how you plan to accomplish it; but with a further follow up to implement and measure the effectiveness of your strategies. These tactics be- come your ‘Road Map’ that allow you to think strategically, to act operational and to effectively communicate your vision and outthink your competition.

Michael provides you with a set of valuable tools and resources that you will have in your possession. He assists you in assessing your company’s past performances, highlights areas of your company that require attention, confronts issues that are hindering your company’s growth and provides the foundation for the strategic and operational planning process. These processes are an integral and crucial part of the process to bridge the gap between your company’s current position and the desired future position that you have envisioned for your business.

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