Armando Verdiglione
Armando VerdiglioneManaging Director
Dominic Versace Wines

Working with a highly talented strategic thinker like Michael Yacoub was the best strategic decision for Dominic Versace Wines and its brand. On behalf of the Board of Directors at Dominic Versace Wines, I take this opportunity to thank you for an electrifying delivery of our Strategic Plan.

We now look forward to develop our business and brand positioning, to realise our shared vision and mission and to capitalise on over a century of fine wine-making tradition to establish Dominic Versace Wines as a multi award winning global brand”.

Amjad Talhouni
Amjad TalhouniCOO
Gillette International

” It was an absolute pleasure to have Michael Yacoub at our head office in Doha Qatar where he worked with our management team to develop our ERP-CRM & SRM platforms.

Michael is an outstanding business consultant, he introduced new ideas, great strategies and cost saving measures to our regional operation.

Michael also helped coach our team in the implementation process and installed change management channels which increased our output efficiency factor by 35%. I have no hesitation in recommending Michael Yacoub and look forward to continue working with him“.

Jim Livingstone
Jim LivingstoneManaging Director
Xrcise Fuel

While searching for a strategic business coach, to help our Start Up company move to the next level, I met Michael Yacoub. I fully understand and appreciate the benefits of having a great coach, however finding one is a challenge in itself.

I find Michael quite unique in the world of business, his values of honesty, integrity and a genuine and unwavering desire to bring out the best in people and their business, stand him apart from the masses. Michael’s commitment to our intense coaching and strategic planning program has been amazing. The mentoring, guidance and creativity he has provided has been a corner stone of the foundations of our business. I happily acknowledge that without Michael’s invaluable assistance we could not have built a truly solid, scalable and sustainable business. We will continue to draw on Michael’s vast expertise as the company grows.

When we started the program, Michael promised to challenge, encourage, inspire and support me and our business and true to his word, he has done that and much much more. I highly recommend Michael to anyone looking to take their business on an amazing journey that for us, exceeded our wildest expectations“.

Paul Roworth
Paul RoworthManaging Director
Just Coolers

“We had a very rough patch, things were going in the wrong direction, sales were down, profitability was up the creek, and team moral was at its lowest!

Michael Yacoub came in to our business introduced proper business structure and systems. He then turned our attention to our greater goal introduced marketing strategies for both on line and off line and increased our sales by 450%.

Michael’s business coaching and mentoring improved our business tremendously. Our life and lifestyle are now a bliss”.

“We Can Have Anything That We Want Including Infinite Happiness And Success; If We Can Help Others Achieve What They Want First”. – Michael Yacoub


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