Unlock The Power Of Your Innovative Being!

Michael Yacoub News   •   June 2, 2016

Do you aspire for an extraordinary and abundant life? Do you want to become a great and innovative business leader? Before answering these questions, decide first WHY you want to become the person or the business leader you aspire to. Secondly, ponder the notion whether you have the creativity, skills and above all the right belief system to BECOME!

We all have inner calling say personal, social, professional and, or spiritual, but most of us need a wakeup call, a discovery journey every now and then, a reminder that life is fleeting. Therefore, we shouldn’t waste our life away without knowing our true calling, the reason we exist, the essence of our BEING.

We exist to BE, DO and HAVE but sadly some of us exist as human DOING. We go about our daily routine doing things we don’t love or enjoy! We hang around people who not only don’t inspire us but hold us back, block our creative inspirations and demolish our self-esteem. These are the crabs in a barrel that see their way up only by pulling the others down and do not want to see you succeed! You end up supporting someone else’s inner calling and missing out on your authentic BEING not HAVING what you truly deserve.

The primary key to an enlightened and abundant life is living true to the essence of your BEING; by developing clear, concise and worthy purpose and cause aligned with your greater aspirations as a human being with worthy values and beliefs. Furthermore, by realising that there is no such thing as failure, only feedback and seizing the opportunities in life’s setbacks. Ask yourself; why do I exist? What is my purpose in life? And as a business leader: am I a meaningful specific or a wondering generalist? Do I have clearly defined solutions to the problems of my specific niche market that I serve? Do I give my niche market a compelling reason to believe in my calling?

To unlock the flow of your creative inspirations, decide WHY you want to become the person or the business leader you aspire to, and then work on what to do and how to get there. Having an abundance of resourceful perceptions and creative actions in everything you do, will prepare you against all adversity and will help you to become the extraordinary being you aspire to be.

Start by mastering your life and empowering your “BEING” from within! Instead of blaming external factors. Ensure that your inner voice is louder and more profound than the clutter of opinions from the outside.

To be fit to play the great game of life and business you have to familiarise yourself with your inner self. Quit worrying about all outside opinions, and stop evaluating your self-worth with people’s approval of you! Ask yourself positive questions like; do I have a truly inspiring vision, a grand message to share and a genuine inner calling? Only then you will be able to unlock the power of your own mind, break out of your comfort zone and create the life and future you dream of.

What are the stories that you are telling yourself on a continued basis, what kind of videos are playing in your mind? The repetition and power of your dominant thoughts determine your character and create your reality.

You are what you are and where you are because of you! – Zig Ziglar

When was the last time you had your reality checked? NOW is the time to do your spring clean. Cleanse your mind of all the accumulated undesired thoughts and negativity.

You may say; but I can’t do it on my own, how can I inspire myself to act? The answer for ‘would be’ business leaders is Executive Coaching. Your coach will help you take command of you inner vision and voice. You will develop an executive centre in your mental state, a resource hub that will help you govern yourself, expand your vision and support you to execute plans, be strategic and take command over all areas of your life and business.

An enlightened and experienced coach will unearth the brilliance in you by assisting and guiding you towards unlocking your greater levels of BEING and attaining fulfilment and empowerment in all areas of your life.

So, if you would love to unlock the power of your innovative mind. If you enjoy being inspired, challenged, sustained and supported on the way to “BECOMING” a meaningful “BEING” and a successful business leader, then Contact Michael Yacoub and take full control of your thoughts, vision, and business and ultimately achieve your greater life goals!

To Your Achievement of Greater Success – Michael Yacoub